Tuesday, 24 March 2009


You can download or stream the entire mixtape from the following link from djmixtape.net :WATERFRONT MIXTAPE 2008

1. Shotz : Get Doe
2.Shotz & VMan: Tears
3.Sketch : I Got Issues
4. Run 4 Cover on Porchy's Kharma beat remixed by 2bob
5. Run 4 Cover (Tempz, Magikool, Reaper, Stranger): Heatwave
6. Shotz, Sparks, Raw kid, Shot Boi, Boy T, Eazy on 'Help Yourself' riddim by Steelblades/Blesed Love Studio's
7. Older Swift and MC Teenie : Tamil Dub
8. Kritikal : Griminal
9. Run 4 Cover (Shotz, Tempz, Magikool, Ringz, Rudey Beat Box ): Right Movements
10. Ringz : Bars Beyond Measure.
11. Shot Boi/Punchliners : Freestyle
12. Kritikal : Fake MC's
13.Run 4 Cover : Joker Boy
14.Blackness (Nico, Bubz, Tiny, Boy T): Light Like Dust
15.Blackness & Run 4 Cover (Tiny, Nico, Magikool) : Ipi's getting cold
16.Blackness (Nico, Bubz,) : Stop Hating
17.Tiny, Hassan, Tempz, Shotz, Magikool, TT, Sparkz : Welcome 2 Ipswich
18.Run 4 Cover & Blackness on Younger Byron's 'The Getaway'
19. Big T (Shadow Block) :Freestyle
20. Sketch: Be Real
21. Vio-lent : 2008 Freestyle
22. Kira & Younger Swift : Struggles

The Artists : Ce Ce, Rochelle, Lauren, Tempz, Magikool, Reaper, stranger, shotz, shot boi, raw kid, kritikal, vman, Nico, Bubz, Tiny, Boy T, big t,hassan, tiny, teenie, sparkz, sketch, older swift, ringz, rudey beat box, mayhem, Kira, Tantrum, L.C.M
The producers : Sketch, Younger Byron, Gillead, Steelblades, Culture, Porchy, B Face, Nathan, Danger Productions
Engineers : Sumon, Kritikal

GLOSSARY: for those not in the know!

Chantry : Housing estate in Ipswich (ip2)

Spit, spittin, spitter : rapping
32'S, 16'S, 8'S : The amount of four beat musical bars that the spitter can perform a freestyle rap on.
Bars : The musical division of beats
Bow E3 : Area of East London renowned for producing Grime Music
boy'd : direspected, attacked
Endz : Nieghbourhood
Kelly Road : Road on the Dickens Estate in Ipswich
Fam : Family, crew or gang
Feds : Policeman
Murk/Murked : A physical or verbal challenge eg "ill murk your bars on that mixtape"
Nacton : Housing estate in Ipswich (IP3)
shank : knife/blade
Stoke : Housing estate in Ipswich (ip2)
bear : lots of eg "bear feds round here"

Recorded between 2007 and 2008 at the The Waterfront Community Centre, this mixtape is seriuously old by grime standards; many of the artists and mc crews on this tape are long gone and have swapped styles and names. Its very raw and rough n' ready, there never being time to master and fix up tracks because of the long line of spitters waiting to get in the booth on wednesday nights. Personal favourite would have to be the now defunct crew Run4cover performing 'joker boi' . Enjoy and share.

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