Monday, 30 March 2009

Dusty Old Mixtapes

Whilst clearing out our old studios in Camberwell (more news on our much improved premises coming soon) i found a whole load of old minidisk recordings of our DJ sets (Good format the minidisk, shame it lost out to crappy CDR disks that scratch and skip after three plays!)

First to be uploaded is this vintage Deep House mix from 1997 (remember when Tony Blair was popular?) recorded in Brick Lane E1 (Some may remember the parties at 62 Cheshire Street which this was recorded at)

Funky House is getting popular again so we might be 'diggin in the crates' for our old house sets.

The link to the mix is here : Deep House 1997 Mixed by Tommy2Bob. You can download or stream it in pretty good quality.(Larger format MP3)

Can't remember the exact tunes or order but it includes classics from the Nuphonic label and some early UK garage tracks.

Faze Action : In The Trees

Funky Green Dogs : Reach for me

MJ Cole : Sincre

Soul Ascendants : Tribute

Black Jazz Chronicals : Snooky's Spirit

Ten City : Nothings Changed

Blaze : Moonwalk

Yellow Sox : Flim Flam

Free Chicago Movement : Recognize

Worth a download for the Funky Green Dogs 'Reach 4 Me' played here in its full original mix before i wore out the vinyl by playing it in every set i played!

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