Sunday, 29 March 2009

Blessed Love Studios in Africa!

Culture in downtown Accra, Ghana's Capital.

Blessed Love Studios in the form of our founder and CEO, Culture, is on a month tour of Ghana.

As well as taking in pilgrimages to sites of cultural and spiritual significance, he has also been working in the Studio in Accra with some of its upcoming talent in the Hip Hop scene that is simply huge across the continent with its blend of Hi-Life (modern African dance music) and western 'urban' styles. Culture promises to bring back some of this talent back to the UK soon, but he has been put under so much demand as a producer and artist that he has already been laying roots in a fabulous and vibrant country.

He's also been busy shooting a film of his travels. From his calls back to base camp it sounds like he has captured some very special footage of his work in both the slums and the studios of the city all against the backdrop of magnificent beauty of the country and terrible history of the slave trade and colonialism. You know where you will see it first...

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