Friday, 13 November 2009

Romy's Chart Rundown



Hectic a.k.a Mr Hekz
For those wanting to hear some of the best hip hop & grime talent in Ipswich, check out DJ Romy's chart rundown broadcast on the 6th November 2009 on ICRFM 105.7frm. (Click the link below & fast forward to 3:20)
5 - Mr Hekz - Kiss Me Through The Phone
4 - Demus - No Need For An AK
3 - Ghettoway - Danger Zone
2 - Tantz - Freestyle
1 - T - Im Better Than You
Many thanks again to DJ Breeze for hosting this feature on his excellent Urban Beat Show (12-2am every thursday) We look forward to doing this as a regular feature on the show so make sure you listen.
Romy is young spiring DJ from Ipswich who is working with Blessed Love Studios as part of his media training.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Blessed Love featured on Mixcloud!

We just started using the excellent mixcloud and have been made a featured artist all ready!
Was it the excellent mash up's and seamless blending in 'Bass Culture 1' or the cheeky rip off artwork of the Clash 'London Calling' album?
Check it out yourself here :

Loads of good stuff on there (not just by us) so i recomend you check it out!