Monday, 30 March 2009

Dusty Old Mixtapes

Whilst clearing out our old studios in Camberwell (more news on our much improved premises coming soon) i found a whole load of old minidisk recordings of our DJ sets (Good format the minidisk, shame it lost out to crappy CDR disks that scratch and skip after three plays!)

First to be uploaded is this vintage Deep House mix from 1997 (remember when Tony Blair was popular?) recorded in Brick Lane E1 (Some may remember the parties at 62 Cheshire Street which this was recorded at)

Funky House is getting popular again so we might be 'diggin in the crates' for our old house sets.

The link to the mix is here : Deep House 1997 Mixed by Tommy2Bob. You can download or stream it in pretty good quality.(Larger format MP3)

Can't remember the exact tunes or order but it includes classics from the Nuphonic label and some early UK garage tracks.

Faze Action : In The Trees

Funky Green Dogs : Reach for me

MJ Cole : Sincre

Soul Ascendants : Tribute

Black Jazz Chronicals : Snooky's Spirit

Ten City : Nothings Changed

Blaze : Moonwalk

Yellow Sox : Flim Flam

Free Chicago Movement : Recognize

Worth a download for the Funky Green Dogs 'Reach 4 Me' played here in its full original mix before i wore out the vinyl by playing it in every set i played!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Blessed Love Studios in Africa!

Culture in downtown Accra, Ghana's Capital.

Blessed Love Studios in the form of our founder and CEO, Culture, is on a month tour of Ghana.

As well as taking in pilgrimages to sites of cultural and spiritual significance, he has also been working in the Studio in Accra with some of its upcoming talent in the Hip Hop scene that is simply huge across the continent with its blend of Hi-Life (modern African dance music) and western 'urban' styles. Culture promises to bring back some of this talent back to the UK soon, but he has been put under so much demand as a producer and artist that he has already been laying roots in a fabulous and vibrant country.

He's also been busy shooting a film of his travels. From his calls back to base camp it sounds like he has captured some very special footage of his work in both the slums and the studios of the city all against the backdrop of magnificent beauty of the country and terrible history of the slave trade and colonialism. You know where you will see it first...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


You can download or stream the entire mixtape from the following link from :WATERFRONT MIXTAPE 2008

1. Shotz : Get Doe
2.Shotz & VMan: Tears
3.Sketch : I Got Issues
4. Run 4 Cover on Porchy's Kharma beat remixed by 2bob
5. Run 4 Cover (Tempz, Magikool, Reaper, Stranger): Heatwave
6. Shotz, Sparks, Raw kid, Shot Boi, Boy T, Eazy on 'Help Yourself' riddim by Steelblades/Blesed Love Studio's
7. Older Swift and MC Teenie : Tamil Dub
8. Kritikal : Griminal
9. Run 4 Cover (Shotz, Tempz, Magikool, Ringz, Rudey Beat Box ): Right Movements
10. Ringz : Bars Beyond Measure.
11. Shot Boi/Punchliners : Freestyle
12. Kritikal : Fake MC's
13.Run 4 Cover : Joker Boy
14.Blackness (Nico, Bubz, Tiny, Boy T): Light Like Dust
15.Blackness & Run 4 Cover (Tiny, Nico, Magikool) : Ipi's getting cold
16.Blackness (Nico, Bubz,) : Stop Hating
17.Tiny, Hassan, Tempz, Shotz, Magikool, TT, Sparkz : Welcome 2 Ipswich
18.Run 4 Cover & Blackness on Younger Byron's 'The Getaway'
19. Big T (Shadow Block) :Freestyle
20. Sketch: Be Real
21. Vio-lent : 2008 Freestyle
22. Kira & Younger Swift : Struggles

The Artists : Ce Ce, Rochelle, Lauren, Tempz, Magikool, Reaper, stranger, shotz, shot boi, raw kid, kritikal, vman, Nico, Bubz, Tiny, Boy T, big t,hassan, tiny, teenie, sparkz, sketch, older swift, ringz, rudey beat box, mayhem, Kira, Tantrum, L.C.M
The producers : Sketch, Younger Byron, Gillead, Steelblades, Culture, Porchy, B Face, Nathan, Danger Productions
Engineers : Sumon, Kritikal

GLOSSARY: for those not in the know!

Chantry : Housing estate in Ipswich (ip2)

Spit, spittin, spitter : rapping
32'S, 16'S, 8'S : The amount of four beat musical bars that the spitter can perform a freestyle rap on.
Bars : The musical division of beats
Bow E3 : Area of East London renowned for producing Grime Music
boy'd : direspected, attacked
Endz : Nieghbourhood
Kelly Road : Road on the Dickens Estate in Ipswich
Fam : Family, crew or gang
Feds : Policeman
Murk/Murked : A physical or verbal challenge eg "ill murk your bars on that mixtape"
Nacton : Housing estate in Ipswich (IP3)
shank : knife/blade
Stoke : Housing estate in Ipswich (ip2)
bear : lots of eg "bear feds round here"

Recorded between 2007 and 2008 at the The Waterfront Community Centre, this mixtape is seriuously old by grime standards; many of the artists and mc crews on this tape are long gone and have swapped styles and names. Its very raw and rough n' ready, there never being time to master and fix up tracks because of the long line of spitters waiting to get in the booth on wednesday nights. Personal favourite would have to be the now defunct crew Run4cover performing 'joker boi' . Enjoy and share.

Sunday, 22 March 2009



Big supporter and friend of BLS, DJ Breeze, recently caught up with the hugely talented actor and writer, Noel Clarke . In part one of this interview for his urban beat show on ICRFM 105.7FM Noel talks about his recent award nominations.

In part two Breeze talks to Noel about some of the themes in his groundbreaking films, Kidulthood & Adulthood and what inspires him to make his films. Congratulations from us for his outstanding contribution to our understanding of UK street culture and reflecting it honestly and genuinely in his writing and dramatic portrayal as an actor. We loved him in Dr Who as well!
Noel Clarke has just won a BAFTA for the Orange Newcomer Award at the British Film Awards!

Noel Anthony Clarke was born and raised in west London attendingprimary, secondary schools and college in the area. It was at school that Noel discovered his love for acting and started doing what would be the only thing he really wanted to do.
Noel can play various roles form Black, mixed race and Latino, but started his professional career in 1999 as mixed race Kwame in Metrosexaulity and has since appeared on our screens many times. Staring or in programmes as varied as, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Jane Halls and Doctor Who.
Noel has also appeared on stage numerous times. Including playing a lead in Christopher Shinn's Royal court play. 'Where do we live?' Directed by Richard Wilson for which Noel won The Laurence Olivier award, for most promising new performer.
Noel Also writes; and wrote an episode of BBC'S Doctor who spin offTorchwood as well as BBC3's commissioned pilot W10 LDN. He also penned as well as starred in Hit British film KiDULTHOOD, picking up a DINARD award for best screenplay as well as a Screen Nation Gong. These stand on his shelf at home next to the action figure of his Dr Who Character Mickey Smith.
Noel currently lives in west London and is working hard to create new and exciting projects to bring to screen.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

CAMO : Artist profile

We are delighted to be working with this up and coming graff artist and photographer. We will feature a more in depth look at Camo and his work with Blessed Love Studios soon, in the meantime check out his Flickr album at :