Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Obama and Music

Obama and Music
Reactions to Obama amongst the artists we work with has not always been universally to the new boss. Some feel let down by his apparent appeasement of the Israeli lobby or letting off Bush with any possibility of impeachment or prosecution over his war crimes; others are suspicious of some of his friends such as the rapper Jay Z (Mr Beyonce) who is seen by many as representing the dark side of hip hop (more on this later). Most seem to lack the enthusiasm and belief in him that their US peers in Hip Hop seem to have. It seems too good to be true and some are suspicions that he could be the ultimate 'Illuminati' mind trick. We really hope not and pray he lives up to all our expectations. The sense of pride in the event of a first black/dual heritage President is very much apparent and it seems a long held dream is finally here.
Regardless of these fears and hopes. We want to celebrate the man on this of all days (His inauguration) and highlight some musical tributes. First up is a mix based on his 'Perfect Union' speech. It’s my favourite speech by Obama by far and seems to open the door for possible slave trade reparations (which we as an organization have always called for)

The mix is here :A Perfect Union Mix (Opens in a new window, can be streamed or downloaded to your computer)

(Track listing below)
1.Benga 'fearless' v Obama's 'perfect union' speech
2.Dub Colosus - 'Yeka Sub City Rockers'
4.Porchy-'Kharma' (Tommy2bob remix)
7.MIA & Lil Wayne - 'Paperplanes' remix
8.Swagger like us mashup
10.Sway-'Up your speed'
11. Sway & Chamillionaire -'Up your speed' remix
12. A Millie mash up including the Obama,obama,obama remix

Next up is my favorite Obama tribute track by veteran reggae artist Cocoa T

Also pasted below is the APT remix of Lil Waynes 'A Millie' into an Obama tribute

Part of the reason for musicians loving Obama is the phonetic quality of his name and the powerful Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)contained in his slogans such as 'Hope' and 'Yes We Can' and 'Change'. Obama's oratory is also hynotic in its sonorous, powerful and emotive delivery. We would love to get him in the booth and get him to spit some bars! So many music tracks now seem relevant like The Pointer Sisters 'Yes We Can'.

Finaly one more Hip Hop Obama tribute from Nas 'Black President'

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