Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Tantrum and Hectic Shaks complete graffiti art for the project

The B.E.L.E.I.V.E project (which stands for Bringing Education and LEarning in Ipswich to the excluded through Voluntary Endeavour) The project works with young people on the 'Triangle' estate in Ipswich which has long been recognised as an area of social and economic deprivation.

The project started in October 2008 and was a born out of a piece of consultation commissioned by One Ipswich for CSV to deliver a media project with young people. It was so successful that CSV applied for funding from the Performances Reward Grant and were successful. The project has many strands one of which is a partnership between
CSV Media Ipswich, CK Entertainment and Blessed Love Studios and is a peer lead project that aims to empower young people to create their own media and get accreditation and leadership opportunities. Funded by Performance Reward Grants and the Youth Opportunity Fund the project has had a very successful year with the group winning a county wide Youth Arts Award, performances at the Wolsey Theatre and the use of one of the groups tracks 'STRUGGLES' on the Suffolk County Council website.

The B.E.L.E.I.V.E project by Rachel Baxter

The believe project for me has been great experience and a loads of fun as I have been able to help achieve and perform the “struggles” track. The struggles track was written by Olda Swift (Josh Woods), Tantrum (Elliot Girling) and Lauren Hall. I put in harmonies to make the female part a duet. The song is about the young people on the triangle estate who find teenage life hard on the streets. We performed the struggles track at many venues including; the Lavenam green for the Fun Day, The Respect festival at Suffolk New College, An Art exhibition at the town hall galleries, the Wolsey Theatre and a future event the Mayday Festival at Alexander park. The struggles track has been sent to the Ipswich Borough Council and they have made it an Official Ipswich Song. The experience for me boosted my confidence as a singer, I want definitely want to perform forever!

For more information about the project please contact Tonia Wilson at CSV Media Clubhouse Ipswich (01473 418014)
The music video for 'Struggles' is posted below.

The B.E.L.I.E.V.E Project by Lee Nurse (AKA Black Diamond)

The project has been great for me and has helped me become a better artist. My tracks have got much better and i have mastered programs like Cubase and Reason and Adobe Audition.
My biggest achievement however has been my involvement in the Youth Air slot on ICRFM 105.7 (www.icrfm.co.uk) I have now presented two shows that included my own and friends music and features on gun and knife crime and how the 'credit crunch' affects young people. By producing the radio show i was able to get extra unit awards on the O.C.R New Media accreditation.

Youth Air is on ICRFM every sunday 5-6pm and mondays 6-7pm. Don't miss it!
A video of me broadcasting my special feature on gun & knife crime is pasted below.

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