Tuesday, 13 January 2009



Kid Cuti and Jim Jones - Day and Night
M.I.A - Galang (remix)
Lady Sovriegn - Random
Danaeo-Devil in a Blue dress
Dizzie Rascal v Benga & Coki - Night Sirens
Sunship & Warrior Queen - Almighty Father
Benga-pleasureBenga and Coki - Night breakage mix
Adele-Hometown glory (hi contrast mix)
Hi Contrast - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
DJ Zinc - Casino Royal
DJ Zinc & Dynamite MC - Creeper

Download or stream this mix from the above link (highlighted in pink at the top of the page).
This is a mix that was broadcast on New Years Day on ICRFM 105.7FM and is a kind of best of 'bassline' in 2008; but also a tribute to producer of the moment, the uk's own Timberland and don dadda of dubstep : Benga.

Benga at the controls!

Benga's album 'Diary of an Afro Warrior' is out now and contains the awesome track 'Pleasure' which is played in its entirety in my mix out of respect for a tune that stands out. The mix also contains a couple of mash ups of his track with collaborator Coki : 'Night'. The Ipswich grime MC's we have been working with in Ipswich have been riding this infectious riddim for what seems like about 2 years and it now seems to be going 'overground' with a lot of Radio One airplay and inclusion on compilation dance music albums you see on TV generally aimed at people who have never been to a decent club in thier lives, certainly you have heard its sub bass rumble from passing boy racers recently. Everyone seems to love this track from all the tribes of bassline from RnB heads to grime purists. Everybody now : Do Do Do Do DOOO DOO DOOO Do Do Do Do DOOO DOOO DOO!!!!!

Also given due reverence in this mix is High Contrasts remix of Adelle's 'Home Town Glory'. I must admit to going off Drum N Bass recently as a relevant genre, but High Contrast has restored my faith yet again.


Also included are top UK female MC's Lady Sovreign and MIA and new heroine of uk dancehall Warrior Queen. Her track 'Almighty Father' with Sunship is the track that first turned me onto dubstep. The track is just plain Dutty! At first listen at the Vibe Bar in 2006 at one of our club nights i presumed the heavily filtered vocals were chatting about something spiritual. When i got my own copy later and listening to it carefully i realised Warrior Queen was praising something more, ahem, carnal in nature than the Almighty himself . Its also probably the most dance-able dub step tracks i know for a mainstream crowd. That bass drum and snare line is so simple and so heavy it just grabs your hips and flexes the waist.

Warrior Queen

The mix starts with Kid Kuti and Jim Jones track 'Day & Night' (Benga and Coki influenced perhaps?) You probably know the Crookers bassline remix on heavy rotation in clubs right now, but this is the original version which is a lot more chilled.

The other notable track is British producer Danaeo with 'Devil in the Blue Dress'. Dont know much about Donaeo, but check out his track 'African Warrior'. He's the man of the moment in the Bassline/Funky House scene right now.

Just for the hell of it, a colourful video for MIA's track BOYZ is pasted below.

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