Monday, 6 June 2011

Guilty Simpson - Man's World

Using the late, great, J Dilla's  'Man's World Chop' from his Beats series of CD's, Guilty Simpson delivers a moving personal reflection on fatherhood. Got a feeling this track could replace Nas's 'I Can' as a great classroom example of rap lyrics for young people. The lyrical content matter is of course highly relevant to those working with young fathers or fathers to be.

As for the beat, we just love the way J Dilla can just take a samle that people have used a zillion times (James Brown's version of course with that amazing cascading string section intro) and just chop it up in unexpected ways : pure genius. Having trouble trying to get hold of the vinyl for this. Lyrics posted below so u can mime along to the video!

this is a mans world,thats what my old man told me,
in the living room listening to the oldies,
playing dominoes drinking shots of stoli's,
with his friends we refer to them as homies,
drug dealers and addicts some parolees,
pimps and macks superflys and goldies,
i remember everything them cats showed me,
how to kick it with the females and roll weed,
it seems pop took more time to scold me,
i figured that was his little way to control me,
through hard times he never did console me'
instead he eyeballed and spoke coldly,
i was your son but you didnt really know me,
i lived life like everything was rosey,
standing firm on the concrete below me,
a part of you old dude low and behold me,

hook:everything is yours its a mans world,
now get your ass off the phone with them damn girls,
chasing nuts the downfall of the damn squirrel, get your head in them books man,
stand up straight and look in my eyes,im hard on you cause i love you and thats no lie,
im sorry bout the bruise on your face understand?youre still my son im still your old man,


i dont really understand everything i do,
so please help me out im like you part 2,
my old dude was something to see,
my only idol everything i wanted to be,
all i wanna know is what you wanted from me,
i did more right than wrong,
and thats the reason i write this song,
its therapy for my mind while i light the bong,
shit hurts but i feel like life goes on,
be a man suck it up,
by 15 im ducking left hooks and uppercuts,
i fought back in many ways it made me toughen up,
but surely its the reason its limited love with us,
something i wont get past soon,
thats real proof that time dont heal all wounds,
but still i learned alot cause see,
when i have a son now i know how not to be

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