Sunday, 29 May 2011

Harry Shotta, Beardy Man, Nathan Flutebox & DELS : Summer Turn On's

Just a little roundup of whats rocking our world right now, starting of with Harry Shotta, the best MC we have heard for a while. With an extreamly witty and machine gun delivery he stormed the drum n bass scene originally along with junglist stallwarts Skibadee and Funsta. However Harry's skills are too big for just 160-170bpm's of DnB and he has increasingly been making a big noise in the Hip Hop world and has even spat over Dolly Parton's 'Nine to Five'! The spittin' boy wizzard is all over youtube but we have selected our favourite clip below of his flows over Dead Prez's 'Hip Hop'.

Next up is Flutist and Beatboxer and like Harry a former Drum N Bass MC, Nathan Flutebox Lee. Basically he does exactly what it says on the tin ; Beatboxes and plays the the same time! We love his link ups with Beardy Man as demonstrated in the video below :

Finally we want to celebrate the rising profile of Kieren Dickins AKA  DELS. An incredibly versatile and experimental MC who believe it or not comes from little old Ipswich ; BLS second home after Sarf London. We are naturally proud of DELS sucsess as it's proof, if needed, that there is a huge amount of talent in this Eastern backwater. We can't claim any part of his sucsess, it was in fact electro rockers Hot Chip, although we have enjoyed working with his hugely talented Ip's producers and rappers PEP's and Eli.(More about them soon) We are hoping these local heroes might be next to signed too DELS label Big Dada, home to UK Hip Hop Hero Roots Manuva. DEL's is also an extreamly talented graphic designer (See artwork for his Shapeshift EP below)

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