Monday, 4 April 2011

How to get your tracks on BBC1xtra and 6 Music

                                                      Goldies Band by Roayl Appointment on BBC Two

As the established music industry goes into a terminal decline, the economy collapses and mainstream entertainment and media present music only if its related to mindless celebrity, lame talent shows or the most processed dolly like clones ; it is more and more important to get your unsigned/underground material to the right ears and find a market.(phew! that was a long sentence)

The internet seems to make it all the more difficult as big budget web marketing is bound to restrict you to a handful of views and you will be more likely to get an STD than your vid going viral on YouTube.

Anyway the answer to the question in the title of this post is remarkably simple : just post your tracks to BBC Introducing (follow the link) and get your tracks directly to DJ's like Target on BBC 1xtra, Tom Robinson at BBC6 and Friction on the BBC Asian network. Simple, we did it and we will let you know how we did. Your limited to three uploads, so let us know which tracks on the Blessed Love Studios player on the right of the blog you would select as most likely to get airplay.

We heard about this after watching the excellent BBC show, Goldies Band.  The only thing we don't like is the whole Royal Family and by Royal Appointment thing, which goes totally against the very cool, innovative and radical theme and content of the show. We have always loved Goldie who is, appropriately TV gold right  now after triumphing as a classical music conductor, but best remembered by those a little older as the master of the time stretched 'Amen' break sample. Goldie is joined by a group of 'mentors' who include the wonderful king of jazz/hip hop poetry,  Soweto Kinch who together try and find the most cutting edge young musicians from typically 'challenged' backgrounds. That 'reality show' sob stories soon become irrelevant when we are introduced to very edgy and inspired talent. The group (in episode two) meet up and work together on a performance for Prince Harry (Groan! They should have got a festival at least) You have to hear the female singer and songwriter, guitarist and harmonica player in particular, but the stress is on them being in a band and working in a group (something we are very keen on here at BLS) Will it end up as a Special AKA of the new millennium? We hope so, tune in.


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Blessed Love Studios said...

Glad to be of help, good luck with ur tracks