Friday, 20 August 2010

Late Night Hustler/Its Obvious

DJ CrashandBurn Late Night Hustler by blessedlovestudio

1 Deborah Lyndsey Spells & Incantations
2 Doris You'll Never Come Closer
3 Ice Water Slim Supersonic Megatonic Flash
4 Serge Gainsbourg Cargo Culte
5 Demon Fuzz Another Country
6 Magnum Natural Juices
7 Soft Touch Plenty of Action
8 Emanuelle Cigarette Act
9 Dark Shadows I'll Be With You Always
10 The Turtles You Showed Me
11 Eugene McDaniels Cherrystones
12 Can Soul Desert
13 Senor Soul The Mouse
14 Outlaw Blues Band Deep Gully
15 John Creaux the River of Life
16 Dr John Danse Fambeaux
17 George Benson Cheeba Cheeba
18 Brother to Brother Junkie
19 Lou Rawls Evil Woman
20 Lee Dorsey Get Out of My Life Woman
21 Stainless Soul Get Out of My Life Woman
22 Lou Rawls Life Time Monologue
23 Cannonball Adderley Why (Am I Treated So Bad?)
24 Luigi Relax & Head Stretch
Please note that this mix is not downloadable, a track incrimented high quality CD is available from for only six quid!

A special treat for you all, a mix from our good friend DJ Crash n Burn (link to his website). Fast becoming a world leading DJ, collector and authority in Rock n Roll and Cumbia and Calypso with residencies all over London and beyond. This is one of my fave mixes from him that covers a wide selection of slinky and seductive tunes from a range of genres, you may well know some of them; but includes some real rarities and is an inspired selection bound to please the sample spotters!

Crash Landin! The man himself!

Born in Brazil, but 'cut his teeth' on the DJ circuit in Leeds, West Yorkshire in the early/mid nineties with his involvement in the often absurd, bizzare but always inspired club night 'Its Obvious' the 'Anti Club-Club'. His three deck mixes with collaborator Rich Williams which were the backing soundscapes to Trapeeze, Knife Throwers (trained circus performers only, it wasnt that sort of night even if Leeds was a bit rough neck in the nineties!) and random crowd generated events like jumble sales, builders corner and proto burlesque style performances from members of its totally bonkers following.

Check out this vintage mix from the Leeds Warehouse (sorry no set list, feel free to spot & post the tunes on soundcloud):

Its Obvious DJ Crash n Burn live on three decks at Leeds Warehouse by women respond 2 bass

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