Tuesday, 12 May 2009


We dont bother with 'snarking' here at BLS when there is such fantastic new music and talent out there.
We are very excited to discover this exciting new female producer (at last)
She's from Brixton, a semi pro footballer and a top tribal house DJ and producer. Her beats & productions have a shuffling, shifty quality reminicent of wookie and land somewhere between UK Funky and Dustep. Now on the Hyperdub label who release new track 'Narst' (Narst ; abbrievation of nasty, meaning good. Eg 'That new Cooly G track is narst bruv!') is out now on 12". If you want somthing now from Cooly G then download the mix below by Cooly G herself. (Follow the violet link)

1 Cooly G - Weekend Fly
02 Martin Kemp - No Charisma
03 Sami Sanchez - What
04 Fingaprint - Print Rolla (Cooly Special)
05 Fuzzy Logik - Safari
06 Cooly G - Narst
07 Audio Halls Beat - Dougs Wana
08 Mista P - Funky Interlude
09 Cooly G - Dis Boy Pt 4
10 Mista P - Physic
11 T. Williams - Tight
12 T. Williams & Smokey - Dub
13 NB Funky - Riddim Box (Sami Sanchez Remix)
14 Unknown - Unknown
15 Halo & Kemal - African Dream
16 Hard Soul - Self Religion (Believe In Me)
17 Bopstaz at Work - Always Into Journey
18 DJ Gregory - Vasefa Argy Mix
19 Cooly G - Hard
20 Slisonic - Can U
21 Cooly G - Love Dub Refix
22 Dennis Ferrer - Touch the Sky
23 DJ Gregory - Attend 2
24 Frank Rodger - Nothing Feels the Same
25 Jovonn - New York City Banger
26 Iza Tonic - Full Eclipse

(Above) Cooly G in the Studio

We would love to work with Cooly G and would happily let her loose on our back catalogue for remixes. Definately an artist worth looking out for.
Cooly G is on myspace at : http://www.myspace.com/coolyg

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